Test collection

The first time I realize how many steps there are into the ceramic word the more I wanted to make the next. When I was working on the next how realize how much time you need to establish a real relation with something new.

Making ceramics came before baking bread in the human history, precisely is about  18.000 years ago.

Every day plates and manufactured pieces in ceramic material  goes two times sometimes 3 in the kiln and the reason the foot on the bottom is not glazed, is because was cleaned up, otherwise would be stick into the kiln.

If you touch the clay you will never past away.

Ceramic pieces are also called earthenware.

Glaze are made of geological material and they can represent reality with the same vivid color as nature even more than a photography.

Collecting is the obsession of ceramisticist, they love objects but to make a good objects they have to try lots of combination of material and colors and they usually set up what we call a testing archive.

The amount of time to produce in ceramics is huge, because is completely hand made and the only machine we use is the wheel not a robot. The cost also is not just clay but a long list comes up for a professional process.

We start to prepare clay and wedging the clay than we need clean and organized condition. We have to think and design.

We trow the form or manipulate this is even longer time.

We wait, we trim, we sand paper, than we bisque the first fire.

We brand the piece, we decorate or paint or glaze the piece which involves a lot to do.

We have to load and unload the kiln again.

Finally we drill and clean up the mess and have some fresh air.

Then we start again.

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