A fantastic nature…


Plates, vases, cachepot, candles and more to give a touch of natural glam in a contemporary space. 

Object d’art made as habitants of people lives that will be part of the soul of a house who have a message: The flow of light, happiness and color which connect us with nature.

Ceramica Baldanza is Livia who worked in diverse manufactures were she had become a post designer. Her practice with ceramics has a long artistic background trained in Italy and also internationally.

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Great Ceramics Ceramica Baldanza is a brand of a crafman’s workshop were the client can find a real attention.

I believe that Ceramics still on a very important role while is expressing a contemporary Arts and Crafts contemporary movement. 

Baldanza is the old traditional italian word to express brashness. To say “GREAT”, great clay

Ceramics was establish to celebrate and what I focus in my work is to be truly poetic and playfull, touch sensitive and visually appreciable. 

I design tailor made pieces, mirrors and decorative tiles projects for interior.

Colored and sculptural ceramics are based on symbols made with moderns references for the style combined with antique forms and proportion.

What’s new


A pottery studio in the heart of Milano offers design service for company’s who wants to produce ceramics in the Italian industry.

Planning of decoration in a space at your homeDesigning for a ceramicware, design for multiple gifting.